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Hi. Before we tell you what this website is all about, we would like to bring to your attention a certain reality. To this world you came alone, and from it you will depart alone. Upon your arrival on the earth, you had nothing and upon your death, you will carry nothing with you. (Intrinsically, we all know this, however the worries and preoccupations of this world have a way of distracting us continuously away from this reality).

Almost all religions on earth mention some sort of reckoning after death, where a scale is applied to contrast your good works against the bad; if the former outweigh the latter,  you will find yourself in bliss for eternity while the latter leads to an eternity of suffering.This is probably a simplified version of the true happenings, but there is an expectation of something happening.

Our site is about Jesus teachings. Jesus teachings tended to focus on the fact that we are simply passing through this world as pilgrims or sojourners. Jesus teaches us to have a disdain for what is earthly and focus on what is heavenly. Everything else between birth and death is irrelevant except Jesus teachings on how to prepare for where we are going.

This site looks at Jesus teachings and how we can apply the same in our daily lives. Jesus teachings gives us a template for living (through the wisdom He imparted) of keeping our eyes on the goal of heaven above all else.  He tells us that the afterlife is nothing to be scared about, for as long as we live according to His teachings. We have attempted to place all of Jesus teachings on a single page (though  numbered for ease of reading) ALL OF JESUS TEACHINGS

We don’t think that its a coincidence that we seem alone in a vast universe, which scientists tell us is infinite in dimension. Its also not a coincidence that man has a self awareness, that questions how we can be the only creatures in such a vast universe. All said and done however, these questions don’t matter; we cannot as created beings fully understand the motivations of our creator. Our creator has however given us Jesus teachings as the lessons to be learnt and

practiced while we are still here.The fullness of our knowledge will come in the afterlife.

 We are believers of Christ, and thus Christians. Jesus teachings in their difficulty and nobility ring true to us and we accept that it is what is required in preparation for life after death. Ours is an experiential religion. You can never truly understand without actually doing. The more you practice Jesus teachings, the more your eyes will be opened up to a Christian world view.  At the websites end, we hope you will have a very clear idea of Jesus teachings and thus what it means to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus.We encourage you to read the gospels daily as a way of keeping Jesus teachings top of mind. Remember, we are just pilgrims passing through and Jesus teachings are the ticket we need to get us safely into the after life!

Each page has a blog space for comments, queries and anything else you may want to post that is appropriate. Please post and we promise to reply.

Finally, if you find the site useful kindly share it with your friends and dear ones. Sharing Jesus teachings is one sure way of participating in the great commission.

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May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you abundantly!

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