The sayings of Jesus

8. Useful Christian links

Useful Christian links to other website resources for purposes of strengthening your resolve to walk with the Lord through the narrow path.The Christian walk, as has been said repeatedly on this website is not easy.  Should you decide to walk with Jesus, then it will be very useful to know about sites that can be helpful in this walk, other than our website.

As we have stated on the site, it is useful to divide your day along the following lines: Firstly: Time spent with God. This may be through bible readings, attending mass/church service or a combination of the two if possible. Secondly:Time spent with neighbor. Every interaction with other human beings is an opportunity to act on Jesus’ instructions concerning neighbors. Disciples are the highest form of neighbor that demands your absolute love and loyalty. Thirdly: Time spent on self (essentially all your “me” concerns). Obviously it does not occur in a linear fashion; this is dynamic and is meant to be inculcated in your character over time.

We are a community or adherents of Jesus. In this regard, we must make an attempt to help and guide each other. The sites/resources below will help you in this resolve.

Daily Bible Readings
Daily Scripture Readings And Meditations
Online Bibles (All versions)
Religious documents both rare and common
Catechism of the Catholic Church (the Christian Torah)
Papal encyclicals

Feel free to share suggestions and for as long as appropriate, we will include them. 

It is the bane of Christianity that many call themselves Christians yet have a shallow understanding of Jesus’ teachings. This format of focusing on Jesus’ words, followed by explanations will hopefully arouse your interest to immerse yourself in the gospels and the bible at large.
The sayings of Jesus

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